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Building Better Relationships

Petra Booth

Masters Degree (Relationship Therapy)

Clinical Supervisor and Counsellor

for individuals, couples & families

"Good relationships protect our mental health and wellbeing at any stage of life. People who are more socially connected are happier, physically healthier and live longer"

Mental Health Foundation

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Helping Every Kind of Relationship

Relationship counselling isn't just for failing marriages, it's there for anyone struggling with unsatisfying communication. A relationship therapist can help individuals, couples, parents, grandparents, teenagers, siblings, in-laws, friends and so on.

It incorporates ALL combinations of relationships - couples together, divorced or separating, a stepdaughter and stepfather, a Mum and daughter, a son and Dad who's left the family home etc.

You might be heterosexual, LGBTQ2S+, young, mature, of any ethnicity and culture, navigating any life stage or problem.  I welcome anyone invested in improving their communication with each other.

Distressed relationships can affect so many other aspects of our lives, making life's inevitable challenges feel even harder to manage. I'd love to help you improve your relationship - working together we can often find a way through that you simply can’t imagine today.

Common issues include:

Communication difficulties
Difficulty solving problems
Effects of cancer or long term illness
Family concerns
Lifestage changes
Separation or divorce
Unhelpful patterns

When we feel emotionally wounded by a loved one it can change the course of all future communication (spoken and unspoken).

It can cast a long shadow of doubt over the relationship, leading to frustration, hurt, arguments, withdrawal, misunderstandings or resignation.

Relationship counselling doesn't just focus on the individuals, but on the relationship.

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